French Onion Dumpling Soup

Vegetable dumplings in steamy French onion broth. These are a fun dinner to make any night of the week, especially during these cold months. So warming, cozy, and delicious.
Prep Time:
30 min
Cook Time:
30 min
Total Time:
60 min
Ingredients (Servings: pieces)
Dumpling Wrappers
Shiitake Mushrooms
Fresh Ginger
Spring Onion
Fresh Spinach
Hoisin Sauce
Sesame Oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
Yellow Onion
White Wine
Chili Flakes
Vegetable Broth
Soy Sauce
Bay Leaves
Star Anise
Preparing In The Kitchen
  1. Clean the mushrooms and cut them into slices. Wash the carrots and grate finely. Peel the ginger and chop finely. Wash the spring onion, cut it in half lengthwise and cut finely. Wash the spinach and shake dry. Finely chop the peanuts.
  2. Heat a medium pan over medium high heat with olive oil. Add the mushrooms and fry for about 2 minutes. Add the carrots, ginger, spring onions and mix well. Fold in the spinach and let it welk. Deglaze with the Hoisin sauce and add the peanuts. Season with salt and pepper and allow to cool.
  3. Spoon 1 teaspoon of the filling onto dumpling skin. Brush a bit of the water all around the edge of the dumpling skin. Fold over and press to secure edges. Make sure edges are sealed tightly.
  4. Peel and slice the onion. Wash the mushrooms and slice. Melt together 2 tablespoons butter and the onions in a large skillet over medium high heat. Cook, stirring occasionally, for ca. 10 minutes, until softened. Add the mushrooms and cook for a few minutes. Start slowly to add the wine, 30 ml at a time, until the wine cooks into the onions. Continue to cook another 10 minutes until you've used all wine and the onions are deeply caramelized. Add 1 tablespoon butter, and season with chili flakes and pepper. Add the broth, soy sauce, bay leaf, and star anise. Simmer over low heat for additional 10 minutes.
  5. Heat a large nonstick pan with 1 tablespoon of oil over medium high heat. Add the dumplings, flat side down, not touching, to the pan. Let fry for 1 minute until the bottoms are light golden brown. Pour 30 ml of water into the pan and immediately cover with a tight-fitting lid. Turn heat to medium and let the dumplings steam for 3 minutes. Open lid and let the remaining liquid cook off, about 1 minute. Remove to plate, wipe the pan clean with paper towels (or wash) and repeat with remaining dumplings.
  6. Arrange the dumplings in shallow bowls. Ladle the steaming broth and onions over top.
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