Tuna Ciabatta Sandwich

Soft crispy crusted ciabatta filled with taste of Mediterranean summer. Tuna, feta, sun-dried tomato spread with olives and lots of herbs. Every bite is pure perfection. ⁠
Prep Time:
10 min
Ingredients (Servings: pieces)
Canned Tuna
Kalamata Olives
Ciabatta Bread
Feta Cheese
Fresh Herbs (Parsley, Dill)
Sun-dried Tomato Spread
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Fresh Herbs (Parsley, Dill)
Garlic Clove
Salt & Pepper to taste
Preparing In The Kitchen
  1. For the sun-dried tomato dip, peel the garlic clove. Wash the herbs, shake dry and pluck the leaves from the stems. In a food processor add the tomatoes with all the other ingredients and blitz until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Drain the tuna in a sieve. Halve the olives and crumble the feta. Wash the herbs, shake dry, pluck the leaves from the stems and chop finely. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and gently toss.
  3. Cut the loaf of ciabatta in half lengthwise and then generously spread both halves with sun dried tomato spread. Now spread the tuna mixture over the bottom half of the ciabatta. Add the top half of the ciabatta and gently push down on the sandwich to help it stick together.
  4. Slice into 4 equal sandwiches and serve.
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