The Growing Popularity Of Street Food

In today’s fast-paced world, street food is becoming increasingly popular and food trucks are popping up all over the US, UK, Europe and worldwide. It’s one that is unlikely to slow down in the foreseeable future and has become a part of our daily lifestyle. Street food is known for being at the forefront of food innovation. Its transience means it can keep up with ever-changing consumer demand for new textures, flavors, and winning combinations. Regional cuisine seems to be the most sophisticated way, along with various cuisines from the Chinese, Indian, Asian, American, Korean, Vietnamese and many others. The use of organic and fresh products has become one of the defining characteristics of street food.

How did the street food cult start?

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Street food is a global phenomenon that is particularly typical for the southern states of Asia and Africa. Mobile food stalls and markets that offer a wide variety of snacks shape the image of many major Asian cities.

Street food also plays a major role in African cities. The majority of people earn their living by selling on-the-go food. Already in the old Aztec capital (today Mexico City) a street food culture developed, which was then finally brought to the USA by the migrants in the form of taco and tamales stands. For the time being, America is considered the motherland of the food truck movement and infected Europe with this trend a few years ago.

Why is street food so popular?

The answer is relatively simple. Street food is quickly prepared and can be eaten directly. However, the quality of the ingredients and the method of preparation are decisive. In Germany, attention is paid to healthy and high-quality ingredients, while in the USA a cheap food is in the foreground. For example, many people in Germany and Europe would probably classify a hot dog as fast food rather than high-quality street food. The fact is that with us a high quality, regional ingredients, creative recipes and passionate preparations determine the trend and also make a simple-looking hot dog a delicious taste experience.

Street food is prepared in front of your eyes

Cooking street food is handled and cooked in front of the eyes of the paying customer. For many people, this provides a reassuring feeling. In general, this also helps to raise food and hygiene standards.

The food is of great quality and very tasty

Small businesses like food trucks can handle the quality of food much more easily compared to large restaurant chains, where quality and service can vary. Most of the time, the person who cooks the food is the owner of the street food business. So they will care much more about the food they produce and pass it on to customers.

Street Food Festivals

A perfect mix of regional and international.  In order to be able to taste the idea of the different street food creations that are typical for every region, numerous street food festivals have been held in German cities in recent years. The first street food markets were in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich and can still be found there today.

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