The Interview about Ultra Freshness

Who is The Bitery and what are they doing? The Bitery founders Sonja and Basti are interviewing each other.

B: So, tell us: What is your role in The Bitery?

S: I am mainly responsible for the recipe and products development. Besides I am also handling the collaborations and creative part. So more or less everything, which is happening in The Bitery kitchen. Meaning, hours and hours of research and testing. Standing in the kitchen, making many mistakes, until we have the perfect recipe and product. But honestly… that is what I love the most about my job, THE KITCHEN.

S: And Basti, why don’t you tell us…what is your role in The Bitery?

B: Well, all the other parts! You cook, I sell. Joke aside. More all less running the company from a business perspective. Which means the overall business development, financials, logistic…long story short, all the business-related topics to successfully grow the company. 

B: You mentioned hours spent in the kitchen for testing and developing the products. What is so special about The Bitery products? 

S: I mean…just look at them 🙂 Besides amazing design, the real magic happens when you unwrap the package. A lot of hard work was invested in creating the recipes and getting an unique taste for each single product. We get inspired by the taste from around the world. We strive to make each single product a superstar itself. And the most important and core belief in our product is called ‘ultrafresh’. We don’t make any compromise with it and we firmly stand behind this idea!


“Ultra Fresh is the core belief at The Bitery”


B: Ok, that sounds fancy! What exactly do you mean by “ultrafresh”

S: Ultra fresh products are made out of pure fresh ingredients. Real ingredients. Our products stand for high-quality. They are prepared with particular care and contain no additives, no preservatives or whatever the food industry is adding in. For The Bitery, it means: Short shelf life.

S: Basti, maybe you can tell us from a business point of view the tricky parts of short shelf life.

B: On the one side, it‘s the biggest challenge in our business, but on the otherside, it is also the most exciting part. When we started this whole idea about product development and fresh products, almost everyone told us we are crazy and it‘s not possible. But we’ve been luckily enough, to find the right partners. Every single one in our supply chain believes in ultra-fresh products. And this is the most important part: You need to believe and stand behind it. I know, this sounds cheezy, but it’s true.

S: Where do you see the The Bitery range in 3 years? 

B: Oh I know, you don´t like me answering that question 🙂 But we see a huge growth for ultra-fresh products. For The Bitery, this means to release more snacks and ready to eat products on the market.

Ready To Heat is an additional product range which gets more and more attention in the market. And I am not talking about instant meals. There is also a huge gap in complementary foods…or let’s call them: Food Accessories. 

B: Sonja, can you maybe give us some insights about future product launches at The Bitery?

S: Oh yes, we are extending our existing line of products and will launch two completely new product lines this year. I can tell you, it will be definitely a sweet and saucy winter 😉 I am super excited!

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