Freshness is the top priority. That is why we only produce as much as you eat every day.



As much as possible, we source all of our ingredients locally. In this way, the delivery routes are shortened and only fresh ingredients are processed.

What was still on the field early in the morning is already in our pot at noon and is freshly cooked for you.

We would like to know where our raw materials come from. And whether they already meet our high quality standards during manufacture. That is why we know our producers personally, as far as possible.


We cook everything with love. Real food is top priority.

Each sandwich is topped by hand, the sauces are carefully cooked and the chicken is freshly roasted.




Nowadays quality has its price. But we make no compromises here.

From exquisite organic spices, to free-range chicken, to sustainable cultivation. All raw materials and production steps are subject to the highest quality controls.

We only want the best!

Real food is our promise and that’s why we don’t use any additives, preservatives, hidden sugars or flavor enhancers.


Of course, our delicious products also have to go to the supermarket with you. With several production sites, we also shorten the distances to you here. It is freshly produced every day. 

We do not store goods, but deliver them directly through our logistics network.

With our ultrafresh products, we produce just in time and only as much as you eat. This way we can check that everything is nice and fresh in the supermarket and that not so much has to be thrown away. 

So, the more The Bitery you eat, the more The Bitery there is and the less that goes to waste.



Read about our ultra fresh philosophy from our founders Sonja and Basti.

Stay tuned! Bite by bite

Stay tuned!
Bite by bite

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