The Bitery is a Lifestyle Food Brand – created by millennials for millennials, knowing and understanding their needs.

The Bitery is a team of creative minds who share a common passion: Food. Creating a completely new way of eating.

The Bitery started as food blog with big dreams and a handful of recipes.

Today there are hundreds of different recipes and incredibly delicious products for you at home.

The most important thing remains the same: Food, passion and hunger for more. No matter where you are, The Bitery is there.

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The name

Stop searching for the word «Bitery» in the dictionary. You will never find it, because it was created while taking some bites of all the tasty recipes in the kitchen. And yes, also failed ones.

Our firm belief is, that food should nourish the body and the soul. We want a celebration for the taste buds as well for the heart.

We do not follow trends or trying to impress anyone. We do everything by being real. Making real food for real people living real lives.

Our Passion

Making damn delicious food, worth every bite!

the ICON

Everything just tastes better with a spoon!

The spoon is the most basic and versatile kitchen tool. Perfect for measuring, cooking, stirring, decorating, eating, … and stealing bites of each other’s plate

The Bitery Icon | The Bitery

The dream

Are you seriously satisfied with the fresh food out there? Just reading these ingredient lists gives us goosebumps. We only use ingredients, we can pronounce.

Quality shouldn’t be longer a luxury. Everybody should eat great food, every day, even with the crazy work-life schedule we all have.


The place where foods are freshly prepared.

The place where new recipes are developed.

The central – most used room of private houses.

A place where people go to congregate and socialize.

The heart of every restaurant. The place where „the magic happens“.

Not to forget that usually most private parties end up in the kitchen.

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