The name : The bitery

A place where healthy food is created and devoured each and every day. Bite by bite.

The word «Bitery» can’t be found in an English dictionary, but you will find it in our kitchen, in the fun moments we spend there creating meals, trying out new recipes.

The Bitery stands for our firm belief that food should nourish both, the body and the soul – it should be a celebration for the taste buds as well for the heart. Food is exciting. Food lights up all our scenes. Food is fun.

And yes, we believe that each meal every day should and can reflect this description. It’s easier than one would think. Let us show you how.

At the Bitery we do not follow trends, we follow common sense, good food and our passion. We’re not trying to impress anybody nor look fancy, all we want to do is to bring healthy and delicious food in front of you. 

Meet us in the Bitery!

Let’s cook, eat and have fun together.

Our Passion

It’s those little things like tasty food 😉 and spending time together that make life spectacular.

The icon : the Spoon

No, we are no soup fanatics. We love everything, soups, meet, veggies, sandwiches, salads, sweats, … and we like to take a bite of everything with a spoon – even crusty meals!!! Everything just tastes better with a spoon!

The spoon is the most basic and versatile kitchen tool. Perfect for measuring, cooking, stirring, decorating, eating, … and stealing bites of each other’s plate 😉

The dream

To bring real food to real people living real lives 🙂 … and to have lots of fun along the way.

We want to show people that everybody can eat great and healthy food every day even with the crazy work-life schedule we all have. We want to bring people back to the table to enjoy food for its deliciousness and magic.

The place : The kitchen

The Bitery was established in the kitchen. Right there next to the stove and oven, somewhere in the middle of preparing dinner. There was no strategic plan elaborately drafted on the screen. The idea came spontaneously, the decision was made in silence simply by both founders nodding «Yes, of course» while stuffing some paprikas together.

The kitchen is our most favorite place in the whole World. Our office!
The place where we laugh the most and have the most fun.

You will always find us there.


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