We have made it our mission to eat healthier, to make it a little easier and more fun. However, our health is not the only thing we believe in. With you we want to make a contribution to the protection of our environment, because there is no planet B! All this by being real.


We stand not only for uncompromising freshness, but also for sustainable, carefully selected ingredients that we would proudly serve our own families.
And the same applies to our suppliers, who confirm to us that they do not use genetically modified ingredients.
All our products are constantly tested by certified, independent laboratories.


The biggest enemy in the food industry is probably the letter 'E'. And to be honest, we also hate it. Unfortunately it isn’t always avoidable.

Certain ingredients even have to be produced on a chemical basis because there are simply no adequate substitutes. And if they are, then they are incredibly expensive.

If you take a closer look, this letter 'E' is not so evil.
This means, for example, that ascorbic acid (i.e. vitamin C), which is added to a food for the purpose of color preservation, must be declared as an E number. Vitamin C (like everything in moderation) is of course not harmful, as we know. So here the uncertainty of the consumer is great.

We source ingredients from suppliers where the environmental standards of agriculture are well controlled. And we work with production partners who minimize the waste that ends up in landfills and minimize the consumption of electricity and other fuels.


Our packaging is designed according to the same philosophy that we apply to our food. Fresh, real, instagrammable... Joke aside.

We keep us away from restricted substances that could be harmful to humans or the environment.

But let's be honest, you eat with your eye first.
That's why we use PET and PLA for our products. Plastic, which consists of 85% recycled PET, 50% of which has already been used in consumer products. PLA is a corn starch-based plastic, a renewable raw material that is biodegradable.

All our paper packaging is FSC certified. And all colors are printed with mineral oil-free ink.


The pandemic has made things more difficult, but our commitment to next-level options is stronger than ever! And we are constantly working on it.


We start with the best ingredients, cook from the heart and let our food do the talking. No compromises, no matter what. Sustainability is at the core of all the choices we make, from our food to our planet. It’s in our DNA.


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