The Bitery is committed to displaying the Nutri-Score nutritional labeling system on the packaging of its products. The aim of this European system is to offer consumers more and more transparenty in order to make it easier to choose food and thus promote a balanced diet.

What is the nutri score?

Nutri-Score is a food labeling system that gives consumers, at a glance, a simple and easy-to-understand classification of a product’s nutritional profile. The system was developed by independent scientists and is widely recognized by various consumer protection organizations.

In France, Belgium and Spain the label has already been established by the government – on a voluntary basis – or is to be introduced. Both a consumer survey by consumer associations in Switzerland and various European studies underline the added value in terms of transparent orientation for consumers.

Nutri Score

What advantages does the nutri-score offer?


Simple comparison of foods


Fast orientation in addition to the nutritional value table


Conscious enjoyment

How is the nutri-score calculated?

For 100 g of product, the amounts of nutrients and ingredients per 100 g of product are offset against each other:

  • The nutrients that excess consumption is detrimental to health (such as salt levels, sugar level, and saturated fat) that you should limit for better nutrition.
  • Nutrients that have a positive influence on nutrition (protein and fibes content, amount of fruit, vegetables or legumes contained in the food)
Nutri Score

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