Being the Perfect Host

Nothing beats a nice evening at home, in the company of your dearest friends or a party on a large scale. And nothing beats a good host who knows how to guide guests through the evening with the right mood and the best food.

The top tips for your next party

The invitation

In the run-up to the party, it is important to inform the guests comprehensively. Send your invitation by post, e-mail or Whatsapp early. Leave no question unanswered: The invitation should include your exact address, date, time, dress code and occasion.

At the beginning of the celebration

If it is not a dinner with your closest circle of friends, introduce the guests to each other as soon as they arrive. The introduction of the guests is the task of the host and facilitates the making of new contacts.

The seating arrangement

The seating of the guests is also the responsibility of the host: He is familiar with all those present and can thus assess personalities. By a sensible seating arrangement, group formation can be avoided. Interesting mix and good communication is what it’s all about.

During the evening

The linchpin of every celebration is the common meal. For this, check upfront any food intolerances and dietary style of the guests. Despite different dishes, meals should be served at the same time. To give his guests full attention, the host should prepare as much as possible before and at the beginning of the meal. Less time in the kitchen during the event means more time with the guests.

The best souvenirs for the host

As a guest, you want to express your appreciation for the efforts of the host. Make him a little happy with a souvenir! Consider the occasion of the event: At a glamorous dinner party, you will convince with high-quality bar accessories – a cocktail shaker, cocktail glasses, coasters or a corkscrew. These can be used right away!

For an evening among friends, entertaining board games or decorative items are suitable – after all, the taste of the host is well known to you. A hostess will be happy about a beautiful scented candle, a cuddly plaid or a hand-painted decorative vase. A host will be happy about a nice whiskey set or useful items such as storage boxes, a laptop sleeve, or earplugs.

With these host tips, your party will be a success for guests as well as for yourself! In a beautiful environment, your guests will feel comfortable – but the most important thing is the mood and the memories that remain!

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