Kitchen Must Have’s

You are moving into your own apartment for the first time and have no idea what you actually need? Don’t worry, we’ve put together the most important must-have’s here:

  1. Pots and pans: You don’t just want to eat cold food. A selection of pots and pans is part of the initial equipment in every kitchen. Oft they are offered in a large set. But as long as you have two small and two large pots as well as a frying pan in the kitchen cabinet, you are well equipped. So that you do not burn yourself or your table, potholders and pot coasters are also a must.
  2. The cutlery set: You have cooked and now want to dine in style? Then a nice cutlery set should not be missing! This should consist of four to six copies with knife, fork, soup spoon, teaspoon, and a cake fork.
  3. Which knives you absolutely need: Essential when preparing: Minimum a sharp knife. Over time , you can expand your knife repertoire with a small chef’s knife, a vegetable knife and a bread knife. Whether you are a novice chef or a kitchen professional: Since these are often in use, it is worth investing a little more in their selection. Of course, you also need the right base for cooking – a cutting board is also part of the kitchen equipment!
  4. The dishes: In the morning at breakfast as well as in the evening at dinner, serve your food & drinks in and on the matching dishes. For the snack in the evening it is the smaller breakfast plate, for soups the bulbous soup plate and for the main meal a flat large plate. Are you a muesli fan? Then you should not forget small bowls on your shopping list. For all coffee and tea lovers, the following applies: Coffee cups or cups are also part of the basic equipment in the kitchen.
  5. Glasses: Drinking glasses are an absolute must. You can also have more of these – we recommend at least six to nine. If necessary, you can then supplement the kitchen equipment with wine, champagne or shot glasses.
  6. Electrical appliances: The selection of electronic kitchen appliances is huge. Which one you choose always depends on your habitsand needs. But the most common are toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, kettles, blenders, and hand blenders.
  7. Cleaning: To keep your kitchen nice and clean, the right cleaning aids and cleaning agents should not be missing. Especially if you do not have a dishwasher, you should not do without rags, sponges and dishwashing brushes. Tea towels are practical for quickly drying dishes or wet surfaces. And kitchen paper and garbage bags should also be part of your basic kitchen equipment.


Other utensils

The basic kitchen equipment includes pan turners. These prevent nasty scratches in your coated pan and make it easier to fry without burning. The bottle opener (preferably with corkscrew) and the can opener are also used again and again. In  order  to be able to peel your vegetables and fruits more easily, a paring knife or peeler is essential – this saves you an incredible amount of time when cooking. Which also proves to be very useful:

  • Wooden spoon
  • A sieve
  • Kitchen scissors
  • A grater
  • Salad bowl(s)
  • A bread box
  • A rolling pin
  • Aluminium and cling film


For baking enthusiasts – this is what you need in a kitchen equipment

At least to put traditional recipes into practice, you need a certain basic equipment for baking. A basic is the mixing bowl – in it dough, fillings and topping are prepared. For the cake dough you also need a measuring cup with different measuring scales to portion sugar, flour but also liquids such as milk. Or you can use a kitchen scale for it. No cake without a whisk: To stir the dough or the pour, or to make a pudding, this is essential. And then, of course, the right baking pans should not be missing. Among the most common are the baking lick, the springform pan, the casserole dish and the box pan. You  then serve the  finished result stylishly on an etagere or a cake plate.

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