Meatless Monday

A Veggie-Day keeps the doctor away? It’s not quite that simple, but in fact, a day with a meatless diet can have a positive effect on health. The climate, the environment and the animals also thank us if we often prefer vegetables and fruits for a whole day rather than meat and fish.

However, you do not have to experience a renunciation of enjoyment on such days – quite the opposite: Vegetarian or vegan days can offer real gourmet moments and many new culinary discoveries.

Veggie-Day: Why is a meat-free day a good idea?

Why should you do without the sausage sandwich and the schnitzel at all, if it tastes good and nourishes your body? There are several reasons for this – four to be exact:

  1. The climate and the environment are protected. Livestock farming produces more greenhouse gases and requires more resources such as water than the cultivation of plant-based foods. If we eat less meat (and dairy products) and more regional vegetables and fruits, we can actively conserve the climate and resources.
  2. We do something good for our health. High meat consumption can promote diabetes, rheumatism and cardiovascular diseases, among other things. That is why it is advisable to pay close attention to how much meat we eat weekly. At least one veggie day a week can help reduce meat consumption.
  3. We protect the animals. If you take a veggie day more often, you can afford meat on the other days that costs a little more, but does not come from factory farming.
  4. You expand your culinary horizons. The vegetarian and vegan cuisine is full of new flavors and delights. And it would be a pity to leave them undetected. A veggie day is the perfect opportunity to try things out and discover new recipes.

Meatless Day or Meatless Week?

Of course, the question is allowed whether a single day on which you opt for a vegetarian or even vegan diet can make a big difference at all. It can actually do that – namely if you repeat it regularly and possibly even several times a week. The positive effects become even greater when many people participate and regularly take a veggie day.

Combining everyday life and veggie day

A project succeeds more easily if you look forward to it before the implementation and then really enjoy it. It can be the same with Veggie-Day! The following tips will help make the meatless day a success:

  • Stay curious: A vegan or vegetarian diet can look very different. On a vegetarian day, it is worthwhile to go on a journey of discovery from time to time and try out new plant-based ingredients and recipes.
  • Creating routines: On Sundays there is always a roast and Friday is traditionally fish day? Then Thursday could be a permanent veggie day. Habits are good for all of us, so the meatless day should also be given a firm place. Then it happens almost by itself. And who knows: Once you get used to the many vegetarian and vegan delicacies, Maybe Monday will be declared the second Veggie Day.
  • It can be simple: A full-fledged and tasty vegan or vegetarian meal can consist of very few ingredients and be prepared quickly. Especially those who cook without meat for the first time will be amazed at how uncomplicated this type of diet is. In addition, there is now a large variety of excellent meat substitutes in the trade, with which you can prepare your favorite dishes meatless.

Meatless Recipes


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