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Still unsure what to cook? Fish, veggie, meat, soup, salad…whaaaat? Confused and indecisive? 

Or do you maybe wanna start a meatless week, taco Tuesday, fish Friday? All these inspirations, you’ll find here.



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The Growing Popularity Of Street Food

In today’s fast-paced world, street food is becoming increasingly popular and food trucks are popping up all over the US, UK, Europe and worldwide. It’s one that is unlikely to slow down in the foreseeable future and has become a part of our daily lifestyle. Street food is known for being at the forefront of food innovation. Its transience means it can keep up with ever-changing consumer demand for new textures, flavors, and winning combinations. Regional cuisine seems to be the most sophisticated way, along with various cuisines from the Chinese, Indian, Asian, American, Korean, …

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Sometimes there are simple rules or the right trick that makes everything much easier, faster and better. Here we would like to put together many different cooking tips and household tips for you so that it is even faster in the kitchen and thus much more fun to prepare recipes.

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Our food guide gives you everything you need to know about any type of food. Maybe also fun facts that you didn’t even know. We won’t tell you how long it takes to cook pasta, but where one or the other ingredient comes from.


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